Northlight Gallery

Patricia Long & Jeanne Bouza Rose

The book launch

The Heart of Stromness: Stories My Mother Told Me

Book Launch and Sale of Original Jeanne Rose Woodblocks

18th - 23rd November 2017

Patricia Long, Jeanne Bouza Rose, Stephanie Long

Kathleen Leask, Patricia's mother, was born at 6 Graham Place in 1928. Her childhood stories paint a colourful picture of Stromness.  Patricia Long has put those tales into black and white. Jeanne Bouza Rose and Stephanie Long have added the colour.

Annie Wright

Lost In Time exhibition

Annie Wright


The Sahara meets bog and the North Atlantic Ocean: contrasting photographs of the Middle East and North Africa with those taken in Ireland and Orkney; regions that are either very dry or extremely wet.

3rd - 16th November 2017

Stromness Writing Group

Exhibition of acrostic poems and haikus

Stromness Writing Group

Writing Stromness 2

An exhibition of new Haiku poems and another chance to see the acrostic poems written to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Stromness becoming a Burgh of Barony, which allowed the town to take control of its own affairs, establish a town council and adopt the motto 'Per Mare' meaning 'by the sea'.

6th - 19th October 2017

Amy Blackwell & Cary Welling

What a Difference Size Makes! exhibition

Amy Blackwell & Cary Welling

What a Difference Size Makes!

Early experiments with scale

23rd - 28th September 2017

Amy Blackwell made her drawings over twenty-five years ago when she was about six years old and they became scary when Cary printed them life size. This week they have been described as 'fierce'; Amy says that she was "just making them beautiful and strong looking".

Cary made the other images in the exhibition: the lips in the early 80s and the dolls ten years later. She was experimenting with scale and cropping to see whether she could make pictures that communicated a powerful sense of personality. Neither of the projects concerned telling the truth; most obviously dolls don't have personalities to communicate.

Jackie Walter

From Camera to Canvas

Jackie Walter

From Camera to Canvas

Artworks inspired by those 'Must Paint' photographs of Orkney and Afar

10th - 19th September 2017