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Robert's Bedroom Wall


Robert's Bedroom Wall

Another poster collection that has resurfaced after 30 years

Featuring Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin, Jim Morrison, Adam Ant and some Russian posters from a school trip in 1985.

11th - 17th May 2018


The exhibition is a collection of 23 posters that were on Robert Leslie's bedroom wall some 30 years ago. None of them are individually extraordinary - pictures of bands, pop stars, heroes, cars - but collectively they repay looking at. They show a world where war is celebrated and violence is played at; where both the past and the future are fantasy; where both the posters and the people and events depicted are commercial products designed to be eye catching.

The boy who collected pictures that appealed to him and put them up in his personal space made for himself a play-world that inevitably reflected the contradictions and self-delusions we live with in the everyday. The distance produced by the time that has elapsed enables us to recognise some of them in his collection.

Drawn to Life

Drawn to Life exhibition

Drawn to Life

An Exhibition of Works

Kirkwall Life Drawing Group

28th April - 5th May 2018


The Life Drawing Group has met once a month for many years, initially in Burray and Holm and latterly in premises kindly lent by Sutherland's Pharmacy.  Many well known Orkney artists have been members over the years and it continues to have a strong following.  

Life drawing, drawing the unclothed model from life, is regarded as one of the most challenging and rewarding forms of art.  For some it is an end in itself and for others it is a technical exercise, the basis for much figurative art including portraiture and sculpture.  The group generally begins a session with short poses of a few minutes and progresses to twenty or thirty minute poses.

The group is grateful to its models for their time and patience and for giving their permission for the exhibition.



You can contact the group via the Northlight website - meetings are on the second Saturday of each month from 10.30am - 1pm.

Art to Like

Art to Like exhibition views

Art to Like

An exhibition of work from artists who have shown before and/or will have exhibitions in the coming months.

Artist books, ceramics, drawings, illustrations, paintings, photographs, prints, sculptures, textiles

7th - 25th April 2018


This show aimed to consolidate recognition of individual artists’ developing work and looked forward to seeing more of it.


Amy Blackwell, Patty Boonstra, Ros Bryant, Assunta Del Buono, Denise Campbell, Alison Clark, Ian Collins, Mal Cowtan, Sue Daniel, Katherine Diaper, Mark Ferguson, Anna Gardiner, Shaun Gardiner, Nick Gordon, Liza Green, Catherine Grivas, Howard Hardiman, Elaine Henderson, Mike Henderson, Diana Leslie, Rebecca Marr, Louise Martin, John Rawnsley, Ralph Robinson, Jeanne Bouza Rose, Barbara Rowell, Fiona Sanderson, Meg Telfer, Alec Webster, Lynda Wilson.

Jeanne Bouza Rose

Tak' a PEEP....

Jeanne Bouza Rose

Tak' a PEEP....

An informal exhibition of Winter Painting

30th, 31st March & 1st April 2018


Jeanne says that "this winter work is an attempt to rip or tear through time and I have taken that to a literal level with the creative work of Douglas Drever. Together we have combined a thought in paint into a look through the surface of the painting". 

Work evolved from painting lampshades, to small canvas, then round shapes, to two large flat canvas works. The exhibition also featured some work by Douglas Drever and Graham Muir of Gramble Glass with whom Jeanne collaborates regularly.

artworks of the

Kerrianne Flett Showcase Window

Kerrianne Flett Showcase Window

Kerrianne Flett


18th - 29th March 2018


Trained originally as a jeweller and silversmith; ceramicist Kerrianne Flett’s interest in process and the relationship between designing, making and final outcome has led her to a more direct and immediate way of working.


Her passion for making and creation of simple shapes and forms finds her at the potter’s wheel working in a variety of clays- latterly porcelain. Her approach is unfussy and open to experimentation- the individual character of each pot as it evolves on the wheel and the randomness of the glaze- make each vessel unique.


Her instagram handle is kerrianne_flett