Northlight Gallery

Stromness Writers Group

Writing Stromness exhibition

Stromness Writers Group

Writing Stromness

An exhibition of acrostic poems written to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Stromness becoming a Burgh of Barony, which allowed the town to take control of its own affairs, establish a town council and adopt the motto 'Per Mare' meaning 'by the sea'.

23rd - 29th June 2017

Robinson RR

Views of Robinson RR's exhibition

Robinson RR

News to Orkney

Interpretations of the ebb and flow of tidings and dispatches arriving on Orkney shores from the outside world

10th - 21st June 2017


This most recent exhibition is an Aladdin's cave of found treasures formed into the most telling and emotionally involving of sculptural objects. From the show-stopping boat, which speaks of the refugee crisis, to an arrangement of driftwood called 'Donald looms large over the horizon', bruck is made to speak. The artist has made challenging, informative and beautiful work from found wood and plastic arranged with exquisite precision in simple frames and boxes.

Robinson RR taught in Orkney for more than two decades and former pupils will remember his classes as exciting, creative spaces. Since he retired he has focussed on his art practice.

Sanday Painters

Some pictures from the exhibition

The Oil Painters Group

'Beginners ...Please!'

An exhibition of paintings by emerging artists from Sanday

3rd -7th June 2017

Zulema Galeano

Zulema Galeano montage

Zulema Galeano

New Zealand Days

An exhibition of photographs and illustrations:

a visual artist based in Barcelona worked in Orkney for two weeks on a project that brought New Zealand to Scotland

25th May - 1st June 2017 

Diana Leslie & Rebecca Marr

Willick's Shed montage

Diana Leslie & Rebecca Marr

Willick's Shed

An exhibition of paintings and photographs of Stromness

6th -14th May 2017