Terms and Conditions

Northlight Gallery is a non-profit exhibition space totaling 26m2 (283ft2). It is connected to a kitchen/bedsit that sleeps one.  Individuals or small groups with a creative project can apply to show in the gallery for one or two weeks; an artist may use the gallery with its adjacent accommodation for a self-funded Artist Residency.  These are normally two weeks in duration. There are no vacancies remaining for an Artist Residency in 2018.


Please contact Cary Welling at 01856 851194 or email cary@carywelling.co.uk.


  • A fee is charged to cover the costs of using the gallery (electricity, insurance, council taxes, wear and tear). This is calculated on a weekly basis, 12 noon Friday to 5pm Thursday.
  • The 2018 charge for the gallery is £100 for a single week, £175 for two weeks. The charge for the gallery with use of the accommodation is £180 for a single or first week and £155 for each subsequent week.  An advertisement in the Orcadian newspaper is included. 
  • The agreed fee is to be paid on arrival.

You can expect

  • Help with hanging and installation of exhibition and one late night 6-9pm for a Preview or Opening event.
  • Listing on the gallery's web site.
  • Liaising with local artists and crafts people.
  • Assisting with sourcing local technical support.
  • Advertising in the local press.

Services we can assist with but are your responsibility

  • Gallery sitting
  • Printing and distribution of posters.


Public Liability Insurance is included but all artwork is the artist’s responsibility and the gallery will not be held liable for damage or theft unless as a direct result of its negligence.

Making good

Users should leave the gallery and accommodation as they found it.

Exhibition cancellation policy

Artists must not exhibit any artwork that could be breaking the law such as the Obscene Publications Act. The gallery reserves the right to cancel an exhibition at any time without notice or demand a work of art is removed if the law is being broken. Artists agree that he/she would have no claim over the gallery if the exhibition were cancelled for this reason.


The gallery is for the purpose of exhibiting art or crafts between the hours of 9am-5pm except for the Preview evening when it may be used until 9pm. Any additional evening opening must be discussed and agreed with the occupant of number 47 Graham Place, who lives above the gallery.

This also applies to artists resident in the accommodation at the rear of the gallery. Under no circumstances may Northlight Gallery be used for music or any noisy socialising without express permission.

A letter of support can be provided for artists who wish to include their residency at Northlight as part of a funded project or application.

The accommodation is simple; a sofa bed, shower and cooking facilities.  Artists usually bring their own sheets and towels. It is not suitable for small children.