Self-funded Artist Residencies

The aims of the residency programme are twofold, to assist artists' professional development and to extend the knowledge of and range of art practices visible locally.

Northlight is a gallery with an adjoining bedsit including a sink and cooking facilities.  The learning opportunities at Northlight arise from exhibiting new work; from finishing and critique rather than production.  All artists in residence are expected to mount an exhibition in the gallery.  An exception might be made for artists such as painters, photographers and land artists who want to engage with Orkney as a unique place.  We can offer advice and help with presentation, promotion, marketing and documentation.  During the residency, artists will be able to discuss their work with a community of practising artists.

The costs of a residency

We are offering self-funded residencies - artists will have to pay their own travel, subsistence, materials etc.  However, Northlight Gallery is a non-profit organisation and the hire fee for the gallery has been set very low (£100 per week), which is at a level to cover costs. The accommodation fee (£150 per week for a minimum of two weeks) is substantially lower than that charged for an apartment locally (about £420 per week). These prices are for 2017; they may not be sustainable in the long term.

Applications for a residency

Artists should contact Cary Welling and send images (jpegs or pdfs) of their work and a brief statement about what they hope to achieve with their residency.  This would be followed up with a discussion via email about what the applicant would need and what Northlight might provide.  Ideally this process will be informal and cost-free.