Robert's Bedroom Wall


Robert's Bedroom Wall

Another poster collection that has resurfaced after 30 years

Featuring Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin, Jim Morrison, Adam Ant and some Russian posters from a school trip in 1985.

11th - 17th May 2018


The exhibition is a collection of 23 posters that were on Robert Leslie's bedroom wall some 30 years ago. None of them are individually extraordinary - pictures of bands, pop stars, heroes, cars - but collectively they repay looking at. They show a world where war is celebrated and violence is played at; where both the past and the future are fantasy; where both the posters and the people and events depicted are commercial products designed to be eye catching.

The boy who collected pictures that appealed to him and put them up in his personal space made for himself a play-world that inevitably reflected the contradictions and self-delusions we live with in the everyday. The distance produced by the time that has elapsed enables us to recognise some of them in his collection.