Art to Like

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Art to Like

An exhibition of work from artists who have shown before and/or will have exhibitions in the coming months.

Artist books, ceramics, drawings, illustrations, paintings, photographs, prints, sculptures, textiles

7th - 25th April 2018


This show aimed to consolidate recognition of individual artists’ developing work and looked forward to seeing more of it.


Amy Blackwell, Patty Boonstra, Ros Bryant, Assunta Del Buono, Denise Campbell, Alison Clark, Ian Collins, Mal Cowtan, Sue Daniel, Katherine Diaper, Mark Ferguson, Anna Gardiner, Shaun Gardiner, Nick Gordon, Liza Green, Catherine Grivas, Howard Hardiman, Elaine Henderson, Mike Henderson, Diana Leslie, Rebecca Marr, Louise Martin, John Rawnsley, Ralph Robinson, Jeanne Bouza Rose, Barbara Rowell, Fiona Sanderson, Meg Telfer, Alec Webster, Lynda Wilson.